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"Operations can be one of the most critical differentiators for any company. Yet, many product companies fall into the trap of looking at Operations as a Cost Control Center only. At Zyom, we have hands-on experience in making Operations a competitive differentiator - delivering superior customer experience and playing an integral part in the complete selling and value delivery process. We help companies make their Operations both Demand Responsive and Cost Competitive, equipping them with the right set of systems that dovetail with their process needs - ensuring profitability across lifecycles."
- Rakesh Sharma, CEO & Founder, Zyom, Inc.

Founded in 2003, Zyom has relentlessly focused on helping Operations teams at Product companies accelerate Demand Responsiveness and scale Operations profitably.

Our initial successes have been in the Communications, Wireless infrastructure and Consumer Electronics industries. However, Zyom's On-Demand System - MozartCC, our high-impact implementation approach, and specialized Operations consulting & support Services can be utilized across industries to enhance responsiveness of a company's Value Network and accelerate profitability.

The founding team brings deep and diverse experience in designing and deploying business process changes in cross functional operations - manufacturing supply chain operations, Sales Operations, product life-cycle and cost management domains.

Team Zyom blends a unique complement of capabilities - from deep domain experience in cross-functional Operations, to web-native systems development, a uniquely collaborative implementation approach, and its flagship MozartCC On-Demand system - giving you a unique operating advantage.

Leadership Profile

Rakesh Sharma - From Startup to Scale Up & Beyond

Rakesh, the CEO & Founder of Zyom, is an entrepreneurial change leader who delivers high impact, digital and process transformation in cross-functional operations across the hi-tech, networking and consumer electronics industries.

He has played key roles in developing technology solutions, processes, and operating tools for both hardware and software companies that faced significant technology, manufacturing, and other transitions faced during rapid scaling of operations.

At Zyom, he has worked closely with cross-functional (Supply Chain Operations, Sales, Finance & Product Line Management), as well as cross-enterprise teams (Manufacturing, Distribution & Channel partners) at companies such as Samsung Electronics, Ruckus Networks, and Cambium Networks to design and deliver significant transformative results. ...more

Customer overview

Zyom has delivered its Operations and Lifecycle Profitability Management solutions at companies across the spectrum in the High-tech and Consumer Electronics industries.

Zyom solutions have been used by several Samsung companies, Ruckus Wireless, Cambium Networks, Aerohive Networks, 2Wire Inc. and Leapfrog (VTech).
Zyom has also enabled consulting-services led process transformation at solar/clean tech and consumer electronics companies.

Team & Industry impact

Zyom's leadership team brings extensive past experience in the High-tech electronics, Telecommunications, Consumer Goods and Industrial goods manufacturing industries from companies such as:

    Hewlett-Packard/ Compaq, Dell, Motorola Mobility, Solectron (now Flex)
    3M, American Airlines Cargo, Worthington Steel
Zyom advisors include seasoned executives and thought leaders with deep experience in different facets of managing cross-functional Operations and profitability - ranging from Global Supply Chain Management, Planning, Finance, Operations Research and Cost Analysis.

High-Impact Process Design and System Deployment

Zyom has provided high impact solutions such as:

    Deployed Mozart system to accelerate processes to support Ruckus Wireless Operations scale 10x, improving collaboration with CMs/ ODMs, and data-driven collaboration with Sales.
    Impact - From pre-IPO to scale-up, IPO & beyond.

    Implemented a Product Transition Management process and a system prototype to enable change for a Global 100 Hi-Tech Electronics Company.
    Impact - Targeted reduction of $Millions in Product Transition costs.

    Defined Process & deployed System to manage Operational-COGS (O-COGS) for 2Wire
    Impact - To speed up & scale existing cost management processes (Spreadsheets).

    Enabled process change via Mozart system to accelerate the new product (NPI) supply chain
    Impact - Improved availability of new product prototypes.

    (Past experience) Co-designed Operations processes and enterprise software architecture for world's largest computer maker (circa 1997-98), a strategic change initiative
    Impact - To transform operating model from Build-to-Stock to Configure-to-Order, a competitive imperative.


Significant measurable value delivered (a sample):

    Compress Planning Cycle times from 14+ days to under 4 hours (improved on-time delivery, lower inventory E&O) [Networking products]
    On-time Delivery improved by 25% & reduced Shortages [communications equipment maker]
    Reduce cycle time to get predictable response from CMs by 40-60% [Wireless infrastructure products]
    Process to reduce $ Millions in Product transition-generated inventory obsolescence [Global100 Hi-tech electronics company]

The Zyom difference

Team Zyom is passionate about supporting companies in increasing their profitability across lifecycles, through better processes and systems.

We do this via deep collaboration with our customers utilizing our home-grown and honed methodology to diagnose needs, architect/ re-architect & deliver solutions end-to-end, based on where they are in their development cycle, and their industry/ sub-industry needs.

Our primary customers are companies that design, manufacture & fulfill physical products working across global supply chains.

To ensure flawless delivery, we work closely with data from our customer's extended Value Networks - Tier1/Tier2 Supply Networks (CM/ODMs, Component makers), and Channel partners/ Customers, on the Demand side; to convert the initial (error-prone) partner data from our customer's Value Networks to quality inputs, refining data & insights along the way - utilizing processes, data analysis methodologies & analytics that has been honed over a decade (before the current ML/AI "hype-cycle" circa 2022/23).

Zyom's Mozart system enhances cross-functional Planning & Execution across manufacturing supply chains; speeding up collaboration across functions, making it more quality data and analytics driven.
The system is also utilized across the supply network (Tier1, Tier2, or CM/ODMs, and component suppliers) to accelerate getting quality data & insights and to ensure flawless inbound delivery, at the lowest cost.

Purpose-built analytics enables Supply Chain Operations support Sales Operations stay better aligned with customers & channel partners (in channel intensive selling environments), resulting in the rare combination of:

a Demand responsive Operations that is also extremely Cost Competitive.

And this gets companies ready for achieving the next leap - Profitability across Lifecycles.

Zyom has utilized and led innovations in cross-functional Operations and Lifecycle Profitability Management domains, and successfully implemented these at scale.

The Team is completely committed to the entire value delivery cycle from understanding the business requirements to delivering a total solution till value is realized, and the results show.

Customers of Zyom expect & receive the following:

    High-value, high-impact business solutions based on deep domain experience
    A Total solution - from initial assessment & analysis through design & process change implementation to system deployment and effective usage
    Rapid results-biased implementation of Mozart and rapid enablement of all targeted processes, reducing total cost of ownership

With Team Zyom you have a partner that is All In ..and the impact of our work together shows.

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