Zyom provides two categories of services

Mozart Managed Services: Turnkey implementation & operation of Zyom’s Cloud-native MozartCC System.

Operations Process Support Services: Process Diagnostic & Design for cross-functional Operations teams. Business Software Services.

Mozart Managed Services

A Product Company can implement their MozartCC system and achieve targeted benefits utilizing Mozart Managed Services as follows:

Implementation & Business Integration Services – With this the company implementing MozartCC provides all requirements and data to Zyom personnel in intensely collaborative work-sessions and experiences the benefits of a fast, total turnkey deployment and usage of Mozart (1 to 9 weeks for initial Time To Implement, and initial Time to Value within 13 weeks after that).

Zyom takes total responsibility for the rapid and effective implementation of Mozart System working closely with the business process team and with the company’s IT team as needed, on design, data integration, and rapid integration of Mozart into the business. This ensures rapid adoption and effective usage.

This benefits companies who need to better understand the current capability ‘gaps’ in their ‘End-to-End’ Operations Planning and Execution processes and existing systems. This requires a dedicated team with adequate time set aside for in-depth collaboration between the customer’s cross-functional team and the Zyom team.

On-going Change & Support Services – Companies that have deployed MozartCC and require modifications/ enhancements as their business and processes change or evolve utilize these services on an as-needed basis. With this your company is totally covered via business & systems support, guidance, and system enhancements to adapt to the new business conditions/ process changes.

With a complete understanding of your Planning & Execution system, the Zyom team can easily & quickly plug any ‘gaps’ which may arise due to any business changes. Such business changes can prevent the company from attaining optimal Demand Responsiveness.

Base Services - (7x5 weekly email and phone support) is included when you sign up for Mozart (1-year minimum subscription period). Zyom team will work with you upon project start to ensure you have adequate support in implementation and related areas.

Operations Process Support Services:

Missing capabilities in Demand Responsiveness adversely impact a product company in different ways – either in the inability to achieve Revenue targets predictably or in the inability to control overall operational COGS, or both.

A product company can partner with Zyom to investigate potential ‘gaps’ that its Operations faces in achieving optimal ‘Demand Responsiveness’ capabilities which are sustainable. With Operations Process Support Services, the Zyom team provides a clear framework for how to look for and plug critical gaps in Demand Responsiveness, providing a clear implementation roadmap and drill-down of key capabilities needed.

Following are the services provided:

a. Process Diagnostic & Design – Services to support Supply Chain Operations, Sales Ops, Financial Ops (and other cross-functional) team on initiatives ranging from near-term (i.e., for upcoming quarters) to longer-term (6-18 months). A sub-set of initiatives are as follows:

  • End to End Planning & Execution Process Diagnostic: Identify process/ capability ‘gaps’ in ‘end to end' processes; Significant process constraints (current and projected for future); For example:
    - How to make Sales & Operations Planning more effective?
    - What are the 3 key process areas critical end-to-end Demand Responsiveness?
  • End to End Planning & Execution Process Design: Specific recommendations how responsiveness can be improved (speed and smarts)
  • Tailored Ops Dashboard & key metrics to monitor for responsiveness
  • Post-mortem of past ‘gaps’ or past “events” – Analysis of past to identify/ specify improvements in “end-to-end” process areas such as:
    • Demand through Fulfillment -- Channel Demand Management, Supply Chain Planning, Supply Plan execution (Fulfillment), Materials Management, Cost Management
    • Process Linkages - between Supply Chain, Sales and Sales Operations, linkages with Finance and Product Management functions
    • Context – both outsourced and in-house Manufacturing Management

b. Software System Services – Often product companies want to ‘extend’ their current systems to respond better to demand. When companies are trying to extend their existing Enterprise Systems such as ERP or Advanced Planning (APS) systems (or simply trying to utilize it better) and feel stuck, Zyom can provide critical Business process-oriented software design & development services. Services such as software design, custom software development, software project management services (SaaS or on-premise systems) in following areas:

  • Best of Breed Planning (APS1, S&OP1) and Business Intelligence (BI) system design & enhancements
  • Extend ERP1
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM1), BOM 2Management system and related
  • Design Integrated solutions to flow data across systems (ERP, CRM, other Best of Breed)

1 : Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS), Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
2 : Bill of Materials

Demand Responsiveness, Demand Responsive Operations Demand Responsive Supply Chain, Demand Responsive Global Supply Chain, Operations Support System for Supply Chain Planning & Execution, Operations Support System for Real-time, Collaborative Planning & Execution

Demand Responsiveness, Demand Responsive Operations Demand Responsive Supply Chain, Demand Responsive Global Supply Chain, Operations Support System for Supply Chain Planning & Execution, Operations Support System for Real-time, Collaborative Planning & Execution